Interesting news facts 5/2/2017

  • Harvard reports they’re looking to include more minority business cases to study in Harvard Business School to help students develop a greater understanding and an appreciation for successful business’ in minority communities in America.
  • At the same time, business is reporting business school graduates are coming into industry unprepared, without a developed ability to reason and write effectively, necessary skills. Business schools are attempting to use integrated approaches to teaching the material with a greater emphasis on things you might concentrate on in the study of humanities, like a History or English Literature major.
  • My personal takeaway is and  has always been learning facts alone without any context from history or ability to fully express a rational argument to forward your interests in life and business leaves a person very one dimensional. Who needs or wants an employee who can only recite facts without the ability to interpret deeper meaning? If we can’t learn lessons from history we are damned to repeat it – now more than ever.
  • I would like your perspectives, what do you think?

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