Why Terrorism Always Fails 

In light of this latest terrible attack in Manchester UK, I wanted to make a short post to assert what all good people know is true.  Terrorism always fails.  England stood up against Nazi buzz bombs, the Blitz of WWII and good people always prevail.  A lunatic with a gun, a knife or a bomb may strike fear in our hearts but they also reveal the charter of good men and women who will not allow this type of madness to win.  You may win some small skirmish some insignificant battle but you will lose the war. These mindless terrible, cowardly acts will only focus our attention.  All eyes will be on the cities you hide in as they are razed – more people will needlessly perish who do not share this zeal.  Ultimately terrorist die in flattened cities accomplishing nothing, remembered only as tyrants and lunatics who came from cities erased from maps. For what? Good will prevail – period – God Bless Manchester UK – our hearts and minds are with you in America.

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