New Renaissance of Ideation

It’s a phrase you hear in industry today “ideation” from “ideation to creation”

The idea the “the idea” is such a hot topic is a key indicator thinking independently is gaining influence again.

What I mean is the paradigm of hiring young people out of college so we ((more seasoned (fancy way to say older) professionals)) can mold them into carbon copies of ourselves – that way they can be “professionals” like us.

We thought of that as mentoring. We were altruistically helping young people be more professional. In a year or two they could help drive growth.

That model has some legitimacy and a place in a modern industry.

What changed for progressive companies is hiring younger people who have new skills who think differently to “teach the teachers” how to leverage tech like them.

It’s millennials who grew up in an age you could dream of a new thing in the morning, create it virtually on a computer in the afternoon and print it in 3D the same night. Not older generations.

Not too long ago prototypical examples would take months or years to develop and production could be two or three years on the horizon.

It’s conceivable now to take certain ideas from ideation to creation in weeks. If you want to win be prepared to learn something new!

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